Jan. 6th, 2017

aadler: (Bonehead)

There’s an American Legion post in the town where I work (not live), and I’ve been there a few times and had a decent time. Lately, my work schedule has made that non-feasible, and the times I could have gone, I just didn’t feel like it. Maybe some other time.

This past Sunday I attended Mass for the first time in weeks. Not a positive experience, I was in a totally non-fellowship mood and waiting for it to be over. And the man next to me — a stranger — took my hand at one of the points where it’s customary to do so, except I’d pointedly avoided being available for that (had both hands down on the back of the pew in front of me), and my internal reaction was ‘Seriously? Damn your presumption!’, but I did and said nothing and he likewise let go at the customary time. The point here isn’t that he did anything wrong but that my mood/attitude are not in a good place.

After she’d had a long time of frustration, I eventually created a new e-mail account for Susan so I could create a new Skype account for her (somehow she’d lost the password to the old one, and never could get reconnected). Now that she’s back on, she spends a lot of time in group chats with the kids (Kevin and [livejournal.com profile] sroni), but it’s always at times when I’m not around to participate. Good for them, I guess, but some part of me still feels left out.

The manager at work who was off for so long (following childbirth) is back now, and the schedules are changing to reflect her style. During the transition, I’m working seven days in a row: end of this week, beginning of next. Maybe once we’ve finished that part, my schedule will be more suitable for letting me get other things done.

And that’s all for now.