Nov. 23rd, 2005

aadler: (ck4)

12:55PM Central Afghan Time

I’ve decided to try something different. When I wait till the end of the day to post, I have the day’s events to report but I’m tired and rushed. So I’m going to look at posting morning/midday for awhile.

I was horrified, on checking my notes, to find that I hadn’t done any work on “Glass Ceiling” for a week and a half. I’m not blocked, there were just other things going on; nothing dramatic or important, just stuff that kept me occupied. (I note, for instance, that over the last several days I’ve posted more on other people’s LJs — [ profile] agilebrit and [ profile] nwhepcat in particular — than in my own.) The hiatus ends today. I’ll get back to work as soon as I post this.

My exercise program has resumed; I’m running just a hair faster every day, and that’s what gives me the most trouble so the progress is heartening. My weight remains the same, however, so I need to modify my eating patterns.

We had a ramp ceremony today; it had been awhile since the last one. Ramp ceremony is when a casket is loaded onto a transport plane to be taken back to the States, and the personnel (from all nations; once the ceremony was for a French SF soldier) form up to render honor for the departure. Afghanistan doesn’t get much notice in the news these days (which is not altogether unwelcome; the less attention the news media pay to us, the less they lie about us), but per capita it’s slightly more dangerous than Iraq. Unless you’re a base-camp weenie like I am.

Maybe I’ll do an addendum at day’s end to note progress in writing. Maybe not. Sometimes it’s a mood thing.