Nov. 17th, 2005

aadler: (ck4)
11:00PM Central Afghan Time

I’ve been out of touch the last few days, but I haven’t forgotten where I am or what I’m doing. Things have been happening (quietly and undramatically, I’m not talking about a major military offensive here) that have kept everyone occupied, and it may be several days before the mass of it blows past. Also, as I feared, I let myself get caught up in Veronica Mars, and watched the entire DVD set over about three days’ time. Even so, I’m almost up to 18,000 words on “Glass Ceiling”, and should have no trouble finishing it before the end of the month. (Maybe within a week, but then I’ll want to do a comprehensive edit — I always do — before I post.)

[ profile] liz_marcs posted a Q&A in her LJ a few days ago. Because it took me so long to get an answer ready, and because I don’t have anything else to post right now, I’m placing it here as well as in a reply to her post.

Who are you? What do you want? )