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I was supposed to have three days off in a row (today was the first), and I had plans for how to use those days. Things change; I have a chance to pick up a half-shift tomorrow — and the week was going to be a bit short otherwise — so I’ll be going into town to start at noon. Then I’ll hang around a bit, have a dine-in early dinner (at Popeye’s; yes, that’s my idea of luxury these days), then swing by the Vet Center for a meeting with my veterans’ group, then home after that to take the next day off. Not exactly hard labor, but some adjustments will have to be made.

According to [livejournal.com profile] sroni, Conal is now in a more-or-less regular room, still getting dialysis to bring things back under control but recovered to the point where he has his laptop with him to occupy himself while he convalesces. (Unfortunately, the big worldwide ransomware wave took out the network at the Dublin hospital, so at last report he couldn’t get much connectivity.) It’s an ongoing process, with more to be clarified and settled but with progress continuing.

And that’s it for now.

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The windshield wiper fluid is now flowing properly again (which is good; even with no precipitation, schmutz from the road would collect on my windshield, which especially was a problem when driving home at night with oncoming headlights turning my view into a near-opaque sheet), and the snow is melting, but the day is gray. More snow coming? Could be.

Scheduling changes at work look positive. I have two days off after tonight’s shift — looking forward to it — and two next week. For several months, it was work a few days, off a day, work a few, off one … it’s not the same thing, you just don’t get the feeling of as much rest even if the totals are technically the same. As I observed a few days ago, I’m almost at two years on this job; aside from the Army, that’s the longest I’ve been in one place in the past fifteen years. Which makes it a shame that, now the new year is here, I’m looking around for something different.

Lots of stuff at home that needs to be done, and I let it go undone for far too long. Maybe I can begin making inroads again.