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[livejournal.com profile] sroni’s husband Conal is still in the hospital, but much improved. It got a bit extreme there for a while; he spent two days in a medically-induced coma, to head off brain-swelling from all the fluids he was having to process (some from his condition, some medicinally added to treat his condition), and he’s been out of that for most of a week now. He’s even out of the ICU, and his blood sugar is now only 150-200% of normal instead of 600%.

After the original report that this was diabetes, the overall diagnosis keeps changing; they probably won’t know for sure till he fully stabilizes. There’s definitely pancreatitis in there, but it can’t yet be determined whether this is pancreatitis aggravated by diabetes, pancreatitis precipitated by diabetes, diabetes aggravated by pancreatitis, diabetes precipitated by pancreatitis, or pancreatitis leading to diabetic crisis (but not actual diabetes). If we’re lucky, it was the last one, some as-yet-unknown infection bringing about pancreatitis which brought about diabetic crisis.

There’s been luck already. My wife Susan ([livejournal.com profile] sroni’s mother, yes) has been a professional nurse for decades, and some of the practices and terminology in the UK may differ from ours but enough came across for her to suspect that that they were treating — or laboring mightily to prevent — multisystem organ failure. MOF is one of those things like heat stroke: however it comes about (and can do so from different causes), it WILL kill you unless actively stopped from doing so. We’re clearly past that point by now.

I didn’t really have any idea how bad it was (or could have got) until after the major threat was over. Susan suspected, I think, but 1) she has a depth of vocational knowledge that I lack, and 2) her experience has predisposed her toward pessimism, in that the worst outcomes are the ones she’s dealt with on a regular basis. I’m just pleased that things have resolved themselves as smoothly as they have.

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