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I was listening to a radio call-in program the other day on my way to work, and the first caller I heard (I’d just turned to that program) said, “There were demonstrations all over the country last week, and the only violence was at the one where the Trump storm-troopers showed up.”

And the show host said, “You’re right, you’re exactly right, and yet you still got it completely backwards. There were all kinds of anti-Trump protests, and they made their speeches and they waved their signs and they chanted their slogans, and that was all that happened. But at the one pro-Trump rally, the Trump supporters were violently attacked by a mob of masked fascists calling themselves anti-fascists.”

(Be it noted also that the ‘anti-fascists’ got the holy living shit beat out of them and fled the field in disarray, wailing for … well, not for mama since most of these assholes hate their parents anyway, but for someone to provide them with a safe space and a pacifier to suck on.)

Part of me wishes, wistfully but not at all unseriously, that I could have been there to make my own contribution …