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Here’s MY stuff.

I found out about LiveJournal more or less by accident. As a Buffy fanfic aficionado, I was constantly following links to stories recommended by people I trusted, and since I was in-theater in Iraq and Afghanistan at the time, I would find a story on a machine in the internet tent, copy the whole page to a thumb drive, and then read it on my own laptop back in my hootch. LJ was a major pain for that, because my copy attempts kept picking up all the comments at the end of the post; unwelcome to me at the time (more effort to get at what I wanted), but the commentary is what actually got me to eventually join the LJ community. Feedback was enormously more easy to give and receive through the LJ interface — though it took me a long time to reach the point where I could recognize the fact — and it’s been my primary online interaction ever since.

Maybe the new changes in ownership and policies will diminish or even ruin all that. It hasn’t for me, not yet, and I can hope it won’t.

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