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[livejournal.com profile] snickfic instituted this meme, and others are following:

“I think that many of us like talking about our and linking to our work but are embarrassed to do so without excuse, so I am making us an excuse. Behold, the Seven Days of Self-Promotion Meme, inspired by another recent meme but with more categories, all obviously customizable as you see fit. Notice that the categories are very broad, so you can talk about your art or vids or meta or whatever if you don’t write fic.

The Days:
     1. Something old
     2. Something new
     3. Something you made for someone else
     4. Something you made just for yourself

Something for a major fandom/pairing/character:

Let’s be serious, folks: practically ALL the fanfic I’ve written has been for my own major fandom, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As for pairings, I’ve never been big on ’ships, at least not as a way of defining a story. Still …

Pairing:Bitter From the Sweet” came about almost by accident. When [livejournal.com profile] deird1 started buffy-remix last year, I signed up and persuaded [livejournal.com profile] sroni to do the same. Then, come the deadline, neither of us was ready to post: my story had grown in the telling and I needed more time to finish it, and she had finished hers but wasn’t satisfied with it and needed more time to shape it to fit what she wanted to do. Since she’s my daughter and I have a certain influence with her, I suggested (and she agreed to) a brief trade-off: I’d turn out something short and quick for her assigned author, she’d do the same for mine, and then we’d finish our original efforts and post those, so each author would actually receive two remixes. So we did, and it worked out fine.

Hers was “I Kissed a Girl (the Scientific Method Remix)”, and won an Unsung Hero award at the 2013 Running With Scissors Awards: quality storytelling, great fun, and good evidence of her continuing development as a writer. Mine was “Bitter From the Sweet”, and it was absolutely the easiest fic I’ve ever done; I don’t think the entire thing took me more than an hour. Part of that was that it was the shortest non-drabble thing I’ve ever done in BtVS — barely over 1,000 words — but mainly the idea was there and I followed it out and it seemed to deliver. My own look at the alluded-to-but-never-shown-in-canon meeting between Buffy and Angel following her BtVS Season 6 resurrection (and his A:tS Season 3 learning of it), this may well qualify as my ONLY example of a “major pairing”: brief, bleak, bitter, and — apparently, judging from the reader response — adequately effective. (Then I went ahead and finished my actual remix, “Subject to Change”, which was also fairly well received.)

Character: I really wish I could go with “Oaxaca Nights” (Cordelia-centric) on this one, because I had a heck of a good time writing it and it’s a fun read. And, being one of the strongest supporting characters on two related series would seem to qualify Cordelia as a major character, wouldn’t it? By the same token, “Whisper of a Moment” (Xander-centric, with a prominent OC) was my biggest pre-LJ effort and carries a lot of heft even now. There are other candidates here and there (after finally moving past my earlier focus on minor characters, I’ve done more than a little core-Scooby-fic), so I have a menu to choose from …

But, ultimately, I settle on “Walking After Midnight”, for several reasons. This was my first remix — I’d learned of the remix phenomenon the previous year, but 2007 was my first opportunity to actually participate — and, though I’d previously shown Angelus at his most ‘charming’, this was the first story in which I’d ever focused substantially on Angel, even telling it from his POV. Finally, who can resist seeing Angel and Xander in a ‘buddy movie’ scenario, be it ever so briefly? I had GREAT fun with the story, taking [livejournal.com profile] bastardsnow’s argument-fic original and preserving the fundamentals while expanding it and (naturally, this is ME we’re talking about) adding an extended action sequence. I even love the title I gave it, harkening back to Xander’s canon line about country music.

Sometimes it’s really good being me; I please myself enormously. Massive ego, without a doubt, but hey, those are the facts.
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     6. Something for a minor fandom/pairing/character
     7. Something you’re just really proud of

And then other people can read your discussion and follow your links to your fanworks (and maybe comment on them?) and you can read their discussion and follow their links and comment on them, and it will all be lovely.”

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I love Bitter from the Sweet and think it's absolutely outstanding.