May. 16th, 2017

aadler: (Bitca)

Back when my online fandom presence activity was done through e-mail communication and my own website (still found here, but lamentably outdated except for my own story listings), I kept a roster of fanfic recommendations that I faithfully maintained and expanded. Somehow that didn’t accompany me on my near-total shift to LiveJournal. I still see nice stories here and there, though, and today seems like a good time to point to a few of them.

the Perils of Witch Slaying (or How Buffy Ended up in Dinoland)”, by pprfaith, is a short crossover between Buffy and Jurassic World. (Which I haven’t yet seen, but will watch within the next few days purely because of how much I enjoyed this story.) It’s both true-to-character as far as Buffy is concerned, and entertaining and fun in its own right, and the closing lines are delightful.

Glitter Is Forever” (by the same author) likewise crosses Buffy, this time with the MCU Avengers, but — unless it was done in a previous fic I haven’t found — doesn’t explain how she got there, though she seems to be a member of the team by that point. This one is lighter and more whimsical, but fun enough to read and enjoy and maybe go back a few weeks later and read again. (Which I did, as I did with “the Perils of Witch Slaying”.)

Finally, one from much further back: I’d enjoyed but then forgot about “Agent Barton's Strictly Professional Interest”, by im_ridiculous, until something reminded me of it and I had to expend some effort and exercise some Google-fu skills to relocate the story. Not a crossover, and having nothing to do with Buffy (can you believe it of me? yes, I do occasionally and even unashamedly read non-Buffy fics), this one is also MCU, pre-Avengers. All talk, no action whatsoever, and a hoot from beginning to end.

These stories, and their authors, deserve recognition and appreciation. This is mine. Go thou and do likewise.