Jan. 24th, 2017

aadler: (Muse)

Day off at home, just relaxing and vegging out. Watched some TV shows online (and one really dumb movie, but I dozed through most of that), read some from my Kindle, ate penne pasta from a leftover MRE. In the early evening I got a Skyve video call from my son Kevin, and got to watch my granddaughter run around their apartment in non-stop motion. Gorgeous little girl, but I can’t tell if she speaks any English at all. (Of course, she may not even have any words yet, period, she’s less than two years old. She makes sounds, but if they’re in Chinese I can’t tell. She’ll blow me a kiss if prompted to do so, however.)

I miss them. I have money in the bank. Maybe I will go visit, once I get a few more things taken care of.