Jan. 23rd, 2017

aadler: (Smurf)

For nearly two weeks, I had known that I was scheduled to work yesterday from 6:00 to 12:15. I made my plans accordingly, had my work lunch ready, went to bed at a suitable time. Rose, showered and shaved and got on my way, arriving with several minutes to spare. Went to clock in …

The time clock objected, kept declining my entry. I couldn’t figure it out; What do you mean, I’m not scheduled till 6:00? It IS 6:00! Finally I did a workaround, clocked in on return-from-lunch to make it accept my arrival.

Only then did I begin to think, Wait a minute, and take another look at the schedule posted there (rather than the one I’d made for my own use). Sure enough, I was down for 6PM till midnight-fifteen, not 6AM to noon-fifteen. And with my ‘workaround’, it wasn’t possible for me to clock out again.

So, okay, I returned home and slept for another four hours. That part felt great. Back at work again at 6PM, however, there was no manager authorized to correct my initial clock-in, so when I went ‘in’ at 6PM, it showed as ‘out’ and that I’d just finished a twelve-hour shift; then when I clocked out for and back in from lunch, it showed I’d worked for another 30 minutes; then it got twisted up in itself and couldn’t figure out what to make of it when I clocked out again after midnight.

We’ll get it worked out this evening. It appears, however, that I can mess things up in an infinite number of ways.