Jan. 20th, 2017

aadler: (LR)

Welcome, Mister President.

Many people responded to your electoral victory with exuberant optimism, others with horror and despair. I belong to neither group. You weren’t the candidate I wanted, and you’re not the president I wanted. My emotional response, when the results were clear on election night, was decidedly … mixed: I couldn’t take any real pleasure in your victory, but I took HUGE pleasure in your opponent’s defeat.

Nonetheless, you are the leader of this nation now. And, as I did at the advent of your predecessor, I am listing my hopes for your tenure in office.

I hope that you will put the good of the country ahead of the demands of your own ego, and (even if you are a liberal New York Democrat) that your notion of what constitutes the good of the country has some basis in reality.

I hope you retain your gleeful, unapologetic disdain for political correctness, but as a means of accomplishing things rather than simply as a way to show off.

I hope you understand on a visceral level the difference between those tactics and behaviors necessary to win the presidency, and those necessary to properly serve as President. Your habitual irreverence was a welcome treat when you used it to continually roast the media in their own pretensions; now that you speak for the nation, that needs to be tempered, because you have responsibilities now that you did not then.

You spent your entire career accomplishing things and doing it on a grand scale, even if the ‘things’ and the means used in achieving them were not always entirely admirable. I hope you can bring the same energy, ingenuity, and determination to the tasks facing you now, accompanied by a level of integrity that simply wasn’t necessary in your past life.

I hope you continue doing your best to speak for and champion the people who carried you to victory, but not that you ever begin pandering to the masses.

In essence, I hope you will be every bit as diligent and successful in fulfilling your present responsibilities as you were in acquiring them.

You replaced a terrible President, and prevented an even worse one. For those things alone, you start off with a certain leeway in my estimation. I hope you don’t squander it in ego and arrogance and short-attention-span dabbling.

Above all, I hope the next four years — or more — can be a time of recovery from the damage done to the United States by your predecessor and those carrying his water. For that matter, I hope recovery is possible. America is strong, but has never before been led by someone determined to destroy it (even if he called that destruction by a different name). If the only thing you accomplish is to expunge and eradicate everything that twerp did while in office, you will have my deep and earnest gratitude.

[Advance warning to prospective commenters: I don’t forbid disagreement, but I have no taste right now for being lectured. Mess with me beyond my patience, and I’ll just delete whatever you say that annoys me.]