Jan. 19th, 2017

aadler: (Committee)

My sleep pattern is all over the place these days; I had a veterans’ group meeting tonight, and decided to just skip it because it’s a 45-minute drive into town and the same back, and I just didn’t feel like it. The odd little digestive upset that had me sick is diminishing bit by bit every day, but stubbornly refuses to simply vanish. It was nice, though, to have off a couple of days.

Yesterday I bought myself a Kindle Fire; I’d heard about special programs through Amazon that allowed semi-unlimited reading for a small monthly fee, and that would certainly be a lot cheaper than paying paperback prices, while allowing me to avoid the inconvenience of reading from the shelves. (Or of making trips to the library, which while not onerous IS an extra effort.) I’m mostly satisfied, but with a few small irritations.

First, I gave less than full planning to the model I chose, simply opting for the cheapest. Adequate for all my needs, check, but I wear cargo pants as a regular habit and carry an appointment calendar in the pocket on one side and a small notebook in the other. Ideally, the Kindle would have likewise fit in there, so I’d have handy transport for reading during my breaks at work. Nope, too long, so I’ll have to find some other way to carry/keep it, which means paying extra attention to make sure I take it with me (both to work and to the breakroom while AT work).

Second, I signed up for an Amazon Prime account, and then discovered that maybe what I wanted was Kindle Unlimited. Even looking it up, it’s difficult to ascertain precisely what the differences are, or whether the features Prime offers are worth enough for me to stay with that rather than switching. I’m not really interested in video content — plenty of access to that at home, from various avenues — and I don’t really buy that much from Amazon, the whole point was to avail myself of free (or very cheap) reading material in convenient form. If anyone can apprise me of the practical differences, I’d be grateful. I’ll probably stick with Prime for now, but might wind up going over to KU later on.

Also, the first book I started reading yesterday? I jettisoned it today after maybe a dozen chapters. It just wasn’t that interesting. Light rom-com-thriller, and I don’t necessarily scorn the genre (especially if it’s free), but this one … well, I don’t really need to justify myself, do I? the plain fact that I was willing to delete it from my list means the storytelling failed to hold me. I hope for better results as I continue to explore.

Yes, tomorrow is a significant day. I’ll probably have something to say about that.