Jan. 12th, 2017

aadler: (CalvinGrump)
Very mild weather the two days I had off, but now things are getting cooler. Not cold, not yet, but definitely a change. Since I’m still waiting to get the heat pump repaired at my house (and getting by on space heaters in the meanwhile), this could become interesting. Wait and see, wait and see.

I’ll be doing a night-to-morning split at work the next couple of days; that is, work till past midnight tonight, then show up at 7AM tomorrow for the next shift. Since the drive to and from my house is 45 minutes, and given the amount of time I need to adequately get ready in the morning, I’ll be lucky to manage as much as five hours’ sleep. After that, no problems. And this is a distinct improvement on the way my schedule has been. Yeah, I want a different job.

I talked with Susan on Tuesday night since the work-sleep stuff had made me miss our normal Saturday conversation. It was a good call, but short. She was frustrated that she wanted to talk with someone about the latest episode of Sherlock, but none of her roommates or co-workers watch the show. I hadn’t seen it, either, but I watched it that night and then tried to call her Wednesday. Couldn’t catch her in, though, and it’ll probably be another couple of days before I get another chance. Okay, I tried.