Jan. 9th, 2017

aadler: (Smurf)

The windshield wiper fluid is now flowing properly again (which is good; even with no precipitation, schmutz from the road would collect on my windshield, which especially was a problem when driving home at night with oncoming headlights turning my view into a near-opaque sheet), and the snow is melting, but the day is gray. More snow coming? Could be.

Scheduling changes at work look positive. I have two days off after tonight’s shift — looking forward to it — and two next week. For several months, it was work a few days, off a day, work a few, off one … it’s not the same thing, you just don’t get the feeling of as much rest even if the totals are technically the same. As I observed a few days ago, I’m almost at two years on this job; aside from the Army, that’s the longest I’ve been in one place in the past fifteen years. Which makes it a shame that, now the new year is here, I’m looking around for something different.

Lots of stuff at home that needs to be done, and I let it go undone for far too long. Maybe I can begin making inroads again.