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Having finally posted the last part of “Reversible Error”, I at last found myself able to spend some time (while continuing to drive during almost every waking hour) thinking about what I might do in my upcoming remix. I’ve been assigned an author, of course, and it was a name familiar to me, and I even remembered a story that would lend itself excellently to reworking. I thought through approaches and twists, tried to focus on remembering some good lines for when it came time to start writing, and even found a suitable title. Then I got some spare time tonight, and went looking for the story I remembered so I could review it before beginning …

Yeah. Tiny problem. [livejournal.com profile] sroni once described exactly this event, and now I’ve had it happen to me. The story I remembered? It’s by a different author. Which means I’ll have to start looking again.

What the heck. Still have nearly a month.
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As I might have mentioned before, as soon as I had finished “Maxima Culpa” I started immediately on the next story, the one I’d been desperately holding at arm’s length so I could first complete the one already in progress. That effort bore fruit; I got MC posted (and received an unexpected outpouring of positive response), and now I have the next one ready to go.

As in, done. I’ll be putting it online probably the first thing in the morning, and the only thing making me wait even that long is that [livejournal.com profile] sroni and I are going out tonight for karaoke. (Watch me rip through Eminem’s rap of “Love the Way You Lie”.)

There’s a euphoria that always hits me when I finish a new story, but it’s been awhile since I felt it this strongly. I don’t think it’s because the new one is so good (I like it, but it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever done); I think I just got lucky on the feeling. I’m not about to complain, I’m enjoying the love.

So: tomorrow, prepare to see the next [livejournal.com profile] aadler-Buffyfic.
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Okay, my latest story has now been posted. (I got tired of waiting to hear back from [livejournal.com profile] sroni. Yes, I’m annoyed.) And I’m working on another, which I’ve been looking forward to even though it’s a fairly recent idea.

The thing about driving? It doesn’t really feel like work to me, but it takes up a lot of time. Even though I have plenty of opportunity to think — about story ideas and other things — by the end of the day I’m lucky to have more than an hour or so to do anything before I have to go to bed. (You don’t skimp on sleep when you spend most of your waking time piloting forty tons of metal down the highway.) I actually had more time on deployment; even if I worked more, I could grab spare moments here and there, and as a driver that’s just nearly impossible.

BTW, for those persons familiar with the term “lot lizard”? I had one approach me at a truck stop in Alabama. Startled the heck out of me, and I responded very abruptly (though I believe I fell short of actual rudeness). And afterward, all I could think was: I just turned down sex with a woman. Have I ever done that before?

I was very happy at seeing the announcement that RemixRedux would be back this year. I do wonder how well I’ll do at it, though, given the time strictures I just described.

And now, it’s just about time for bed again.
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I haven’t left LJ, I’ve just been silent because I’ve been busy. It’s an unusual day when I have more than a couple of free hours, and I haven’t looked to spend any of that on LiveJournal posts. I’m still following my flist, though, and still reading fics recced by my LJ friends … and I’ve continued to write.

In fact, I have a new fic, though it may be a day or two before I post it. (I’m getting it read by my first critic, [livejournal.com profile] sroni, and waiting for her feedback before I open it up to the public. So I’m still here, and I’m still active, just a bit less visible.
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(Mind you, some of these go back more than a year.)

  • A man in a Santa suit on a red motorcycle in Texas
  • Seagulls clustering around spilled grain at a feed mill in Missouri
  • A pile of walnut hulls 20 feet high and 150 feet long in California
  • An Arkansas town with a listed population of 12,345
  • A water tower in South Carolina shaped like a giant peach

That’s all I remember at the moment. More as I see/recall it.

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… a truck plaza in Connecticut. Planning to comment on the stories at [livejournal.com profile] cof_remix as soon as I have both time and a reliable Internet connection.

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